Friday, July 4, 2014

Kim Carter is RFES's Volunteer of the Year!

Kim Carter with Superintendent Dance and two RFES students
From Mrs. Fanshaw:
RFES Friends,
Today I had the privilege of attending the “Team BCPS Volunteer of the Year” Breakfast with our nominee, Kim Carter.  Kim’s commitment to RFES over the years are admirable. She is AMAZING!!  The time and energy she devotes to Tech Trek/Stepping Ahead and volunteering in classrooms is a big part of our school’s success, especially with technology.
From Mrs. Carter:
Thank you so much Missy for all the accolades and kudos!! 

RFES is an amazing school and I have loved every minute of Jack and Ryan being students there.  My first love touch was with Mrs. Hughey who made a deep and lasting impression on me as one of the kindest, loving and attentive teachers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  It only continued to get better every year after that.  RFES has exceeded my expectations in every way.  I am happy to be able to give back to a school that has given my family so much.  Looking forward to next year and all the opportunities to come that I can share my time and myself with such outstanding people!!

Warmest regards,

And thank you, Kim, from the PTA!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dates for your Calendar!

LOOKING AHEAD Friday, June 13th Half Day (schools closing 3 hours early)

Monday, June 16th 5th Grade Farewell @ 9:30

Last day of School (Half Day: schools closing 3 hours early)
Friday, August 22nd Dumbarton Middle 6th grade Orientation @ 10:30-12:00

Tuesday, August 26th "Take-A-Peak-At-Your-Seat" @2:30-3:30

Wednesday, August 27th First Day of School (grades 1-5)

Wednesday, August 27th Kindergarten Gradual Entrance - oops!

Thursday, August 28th Kindergarten Gradual Entrance

Friday, August 29th First Full Day of Kindergarten

Tuesday, September 2nd RFES Volunteer Training: 6:30 Tuesday, September 2nd Back to School Night (K-5): 7:00

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Into The Woods tickets on sale!

Tickets for RFES drama club's play being held this weekend (May 30th & 31st at 7 PM) will be on sale Thursday, May 29th during school store (8:45-9:00) & after school (3:20-3:45). Checks may be made payable to RFES PTA or exact cash. Tickets are $5 each. We hope to see you there!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Career Day, Sports Day and Into the Woods!

Yes, Stepping Ahead is over, but there are still plenty of chances to get involved at RFES!  Here are some fun examples:
From Mrs. Rowland:
Career Day 2014
We are planning a Career Day for our school on the morning of Friday, May 16th from 9:30-10:45. Our purpose for the event is to share information on various career opportunities with our students.  We plan to have a variety of speakers talk to the students about their careers. 
From Ms. Celenza:
June 5, 2014 Grades 3, 4 and 5
8:45am -12pm
June 6, 2014 Grade K, 1, and 2
8:45am -12pm
The more volunteers the better our Sports Day event can be!
If interested visit the link below to sign up!
Any question please contact Mrs. Celenza at
From Mrs. Shapira:
Dear Parents -
We are under way with rehearsals for our production of "Into the Woods, " with performances to be held on Friday, may 30 and Saturday, May 31.  Several parents have already signed up to help out, but we still need more volunteers to help us in many areas - parent assistance at scheduled rehearsals, set design and construction, props, wardrobe, back stage crew, etc.  Please think about pitching in to help us get performance ready by dress rehearsal on May 29.  Below are links to sign up to help:
Play Departments - LEADS  and group participants -
If you have any questions regarding signing up to volunteer, please contact Catherine Batavick at
Thank you in advance for helping us make this experience happen for our RFES kids and community.
Best regards,
 Mrs. Shapira

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stepping Ahead!

What is Stepping Ahead at Rodgers Forge Elementary School?

For the past 18 years, RFES families have partnered with the School and numerous area businesses to create and sponsor STEPPING AHEAD—and have raised more than $350,000 to date!

Thanks to STEPPING AHEAD, our children have unparalleled opportunities to become more creative and collaborative—and to have some good, old-fashioned fun. In the walkathon’s earliest days, it was known as “Rec Trek” and raised money for the RFES playground equipment that our children enjoy.
How does STEPPING AHEAD work?
Funds are raised three ways: 1) corporations, area businesses and individuals make outright gifts as Corporate Sponsors; 2) businesses, organizations, and RFES families donate items for the Silent Auction; and 3) students collect donations from their friends and families.
How can RFES families make STEPPING AHEAD a success?
1.           Become a corporate sponsor. Corporations and individuals may make tax-deductible gifts. It’s a great way to show your support of RFES and public school education! Sponsorship levels range from $50 to $1,000 and up, and there are numerous recognition opportunities.

2.           Support the Silent Auction by bidding AND donating. Teachers donate wonderful experiences like an afternoon at Uncle Wiggly’s—and many parents contribute their services and talents. Silent Auction donors may take a tax-deduction of the item’s full fair market value.

- Are you a plumber, lawyer, interior decorator, electrician, financial planner, landscaper, personal trainer, piano teacher, carpenter, etc.? You can bet there’ll be heavy bidding for a few hours’ of your services!
- What about donating some unforgettable family fun? Families and teachers have donated an afternoon on their sailboat, a concert with their bluegrass band, or a week at their sister’s Park City, UT condo!
- Are you creative? Handmade mosaics, jewelry, artwork, knitting, etc. make the Silent Auction unique!

3.           Volunteer! We need lots of parents to help with STEPPING AHEAD before, during and after the event.

Rodgers Forge Elementary School would like to thank the following businesses for supporting Stepping Ahead 2014:

$500 Level
Fick Brothers Roofing and Exterior Remodeling
The Families of Hopkins Road
Heather Perkins 
Hudson Cook LLP 
Midstate Federal 
Pollard Towing 
Rodgers Forge Neighborhood Association 
The American Legion – Towson Post 22, Inc. 
$250 Level
Jim Craig, Allstate 
Nathanson Dental 
Roland Slate Service Company 
Sherwood Auto 
Towson University 
$100 Level
Autobahn of Towson
Baltimore Research
Delegate Steve Lafferty
Frank Dippel, Nationwide
Homeland Title Escrow
Mitchell-Wiedefeld Funeral Home
$50 Level
Dulaney Valley HealthMart Pharmacy
John Holman, State Farm
Richard and Janice Moore
Physical Therapy First
Play Centers
Sandy Kolar, Keller Williams
Yorkleigh Community Association
In-Kind Donation
Giant Food
GT Pizza
Lax World
Seasons Pizza

1st Day School Supplies

Here's an email from Principal Fanshaw:

Hey Parents,

I am so excited to announce a new partnership with 1st Day School Supplies <>  We have collaborated with 1st Day School Supplies<> to help parents and teachers get the exact supplies needed for the school year without the hassle and aggravation of shopping at Wal-Mart, Target or Staples.  I have personally have found that 1st Day School Supplies<> to be convenient, easy and hassle free plus the prices are competitive!  So this summer as the temperature hits over 100 degrees … gas prices soar over $4.00 a gallon and lines at the checkout counter are a mile long … I will have already made my school supplies purchase!!!  As for me and my family, we are doing all our school supplies shopping with 1st Day School Supplies <>  Click the link to purchase

Personally, I was always in the camp that said it was better to do it yourself, but this year I'm trying the pre-packaged option because yes: it was 100 degrees, crowded, and I ended up buying adorable sticky notes shaped like hearts and stars because I was at Target. :)  I know I'm not the only one.


P.S. The spirit wear vendor SWEARS he's driving orders to the school TODAY!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spiritwear Update

Hi there!

I spoke to the company representative today about backordered spirit wear.  He says a big truckload of items is coming to RFES this Friday, including your special Orioles spirit wear!  I know I have had an order hanging out there for a while, and wanted you all to have this update!  You can place orders for spirit wear (each Friday is spirit day!) at and you can get it without paying for shipping if you choose the "ship to RFES" option.

Have a great day!