Sunday, September 14, 2014

Busy, Busy Week!

But then, what week ISN'T busy when you are parenting a RFES student?!
The new screen the PTA purchased for the school was installed this week.
NICE!  Much better for assemblies and presentations, certainly!
Check out Principal Fanshaw's tweets about the newest batch of 6th grade students coming back for the annual yearbook signing.  So cute!  And many thanks to PTA volunteer Halle Von Kessler for the blood, sweat and tears that she put into the yearbook - beautiful work, Halle!  Books should have arrived home Friday with your students.
And next Saturday, the 20th, is the big kick off party for Marathon Kids at Polytechnic on Cold Spring.  Chatter around the 'hood is that RFES needs to really step up our participation this year if we want to maintain our stellar image! ;)  To further that goal, here's the permission slip for you!  And here's a note from Ms. Celenza:
This is a free program that helps promote physical activity outside of PE class. Please review the details in the attached flyer. If you and your child are interested in participating, fill out the form and return it to Mrs. Celenza either through email ( ) or by placing a copy IN your child’s red folder. If you would like me to send home a paper copy of the form please contact me.
Thanks for your support of a great program!
Slips are due by the 19th.  See you there!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quick Update

Hi!  If you have not returned your paperwork for direct donation, the PTA membership and Buzz Book, kindly put it on your to-do list for tomorrow. As I am sure you heard, the Cake Walk tickets are sold out, but it's not too late to get in on the other things!  When that red folder comes out, pull out the checkbook and just go for it! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

So Much NEWS!

     Back to school night was a huge success, as the many of you who attended know!  For those who could not make it the headline is that volunteer training is easier and faster than ever before ... and ONLINE!  The link is HERE to get certified and the accompanying application is HERE.  At your leisure you can read the handbook, take the quiz, print the certificate and application and deliver them both to the school.  Many parents who were unable to make volunteer trainings in the past will now be able to simply and easily integrate this important step into their schedules!  This is a big development!

     Also you should have received the envelope full of PTA information and Buzz Book sign up papers this week.  In an earlier post I told you some of the reasons I personally love and rely on the Buzz Book and I would strongly encourage you to fill out the form and send it in to school in the red folder.  Those forms are due 9/10.

     There was also an included form for you to join the PTA and make your direct donation to this school year's campaign "A Year of Growth".  You may wonder what that is or why you should do it, and here are your PTA Presidents explaining just that!  (And being pretty darn adorable while doing it!)  The direct donation program saves every family time and effort by making it possible for RFES to have the best school support network in the County WITHOUT us having to sell candy or wrapping paper door to door to raise the money the PTA needs to be successful.  This is the time of year to write that check and send it in - the programs and activities for the year are planned, and now they just need to be paid for.

     Finally, there was a comprehensive list of the activities that parent volunteers and the PTA are committed to for the year.  The list was so long you may have only skimmed it, but hopefully you noticed that some of the positions are still vacant.  That spot is waiting for YOU!  As the children of long-time volunteers say farewell to RFES and move on to DMS, those vacancies open up.  Even if you have been an RFES parent for years it's never too late to join and contribute to something your whole family can be proud of!  And the joy on an elementary student's face when he or she spots that beloved family member in SCHOOL! is pretty indescribable. :)  Please come out and be a part of the RFES PTA.  It needs you and you need it.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to School Night is Tomorrow at 6:30

Tuesday evening, 9/2 at 6:30 - come and find out about the upcoming school year, meet the staff and faculty at RFES, learn about volunteer opportunities, see your friends and neighbors, get volunteer certified, and meet the PTA leadership!

This meeting is important for many reasons, but particularly because if you plan to volunteer in your student's classroom, chaperone field trips, or attend functions during school hours, you need to be a certified volunteer as well as have your ID and identifying details entered in the school's Raptor security system.  Sound overwhelming?  Can't possibly make back to school night?  Don't worry - on Wednesday I will post details about how you can do this at another time.  However, you really should come out if you possibly can!

See you tomorrow night! :)

P.S. Do you have grandparents (aunts? uncles? second-cousins?) who are actively involved in your child's education?  They can be part of the PTA too!  Email the contact info to to get other family added to the PTA distribution list, tell them to like the PTA on Facebook , or bookmark this blog so you will know they have access to all the events and volunteer opportunities available to them.  See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy first day of school!

Wishing all your students a wonderful first day from the PTA!

As a special treat, the PTA provided all kindergarten students with a free spirit wear tee-shirt and bumper sticker! 

Have a new student who's not a kindergartener?  Need some spirit wear quick?  While we're in the midst of changing tee-shirt vendors, we have a few more of these to distribute.  Email the PTA at with your request.  RFES celebrates our school spirit every Friday, by wearing the school colors red and white.

Looking ahead:
8/29 - Boo-Hoo Breakfast - outside Kindergarten doors, 8:45 am (even if you are doing a happy dance of joy to have school back in session, swing by and say "Hi" to your new PTA presidents anyhow!)
9/2 - Back to School night, 6:30
9/9 - 1:1 Parent info night (regarding the Lighthouse Technology Initiative) 7 pm
9/19 - Ice cream social 5 pm

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Let's Generate Some Buzz Book Buzz!

Hi Folks!

   A blizzard of papers is coming your way, and one of them is a form that will come home for you to submit if you want to be included in the Buzz Book.  This is a publication of the PTA, and includes contact information for every family who wishes to be included. Parents new to RFES may not know why this is important so here are some reasons it is:

  • The class lists are so helpful for you when planning parties and events. 

  • The contact info is a MUST for early-on playdates when kindergarteners don't know names yet.

  • The addresses are a great resource when writing thank you notes/sending pen pal letters.

  • The phone numbers are life-saving when you are running late to pick-up.

  • The sibling/parent cross referencing is awesome for resolving that situation where I've been chatting with the same awesome parent at pick up twice a day for two months ... and can NOT remember her name. ;)
Surely I am not the only one?

SO, be on the lookout for those forms and when they come home, fill them out and send them back in!  The due date is 9/12 with an anticipated distribution date of 10/20. 

Upcoming dates at RFES:

8/26 - Sneak-a-Peek from 2:30 to 3:30, 1st Day School Supply order pick-up
8/29 - Boo-Hoo Breakfast - outside Kindergarten doors, 8:45 am (even if you are doing a happy dance of joy to have school back in session, swing by and say "Hi" to your new PTA presidents anyhow!)
9/2 - Back to School night, 6:30
9/9 - 1:1 Parent info night (regarding the Lighthouse Technology Initiative) 7 pm
9/19 - Ice cream social 5 pm

Monday, August 18, 2014

On your mark ... get set ... GO!

The PTA wishes all you wonderful RFES faculty and staff a pleasant and productive first day back at school! 
As always, the PTA is here to support your efforts, and we're so impressed by your hard work!
Dates on the horizon:
8/20 - kindergarten parent meet and greet (RSVP to )
8/26 - sneak a peek at your seat (2:30 - 3:30)
8/27 - first day of school for students
9/2 - back to school night
* If you ordered your student's supplies through 1st Day, you can collect them at Sneek a Peek.
* We are changing vendors for spirit wear, so hold on to any orders and keep an eye out for updates here and on the PTA FB page.  We'll spread the word when it's time to order. :)
Have a great week!