Monday, April 3, 2017

Did you know?!

At last week's meeting the membership heard about some really awesome stuff! Here's one example and I will share more info over the next few days.

The springtime Box Top contest is over and the school collected 6311 box tops!  Six thousand three hundred and eleven teeny box tops!!  That translates into $631 dollars for our music program and Ms. Tierney is very pleased!  While the fall competition is an individual contest, the spring competition is by classroom and the big winner is MS. GUTH'S CLASS!  So if you are in her class, keep an ear out for an exciting announcement sometime soon!  Second place was Ms. Rickles's class and third place was Ms. Schultz's class. Excellent work and congratulations to all the classes!

Thank you to all the families who collected and submitted box tops, to the amazing volunteers who counted and sorted them, and to Tracey Dieter who coordinated the whole thing! 

Something I didn't know:  The expiration dates on the box tops are taken very seriously by the company.  SO if you have box tops you see are expiring before the fall contest, feel free to send them in anytime.  There's a permanent collection box in the school lobby.  These clearly add up to an amazing bonus for the music education program at RFES!  Thank you all again!