Thursday, November 3, 2016

Quick notes from last night's PTA meeting

Good morning!  I will post the budget and minutes in the forms and documents section in a bit, but here are some highlights:

Box Tops contest:

Here are our three top collectors:

1st: Mackenzie Celenza, grade 5, 593 box tops
2nd: Avery Webb, grade 3, 271 box tops
3rd: Greg Zabora, grade 4, 214 box tops

All together our school earned 6,908 Box Tops which equals $691 for Mrs. Tierney's music program!  Way to go RFES!

And a big thank you to Tracey Dieter and her dedicated team of volunteer counters!  That's a lot of teeny slips of paper, and we're all grateful for your time and sharp eyesight!

Tracey is also our volunteer coordinator for lost and found.  Look for the lost and found tables to be out on 12/14, weather permitting, at drop off and dismissal. She will be there to help your child reunite with his or her lost items.

School store:

This is in operation every Tuesday and Thursday.  The shopping days are divided by grade, so ask your student what their day is.  For less than 50 cents, kids can pick up a new pencil or eraser, or some other cute school supplies.  Thanks to the volunteers overseeing the management, to the 4th grade students doing the work, and to Kristen Nock for putting the whole thing together!

Buzz book directories should come home next week!

A form to order discount holiday greens will also come home soon and be posted to the PTA site.

The yearbooks are in and the 6th graders are invited back to sign their friends' copies!  11/16 3:30-4:15 in the library.

Thanks to all the people who came out last night!