Friday, October 7, 2016

Big events in the next few weeks!

The PTA is coordinating several big happenings in October!
First, the school store opens on October 11th.  Grades have different shopping days.  More details soon!
Second, Movie Night is October 14th and we are still looking for a few volunteers. You can sign up here. 
Third, Generations Day is October 20th. Guess what?  We still need some volunteers!  Email after looking at the list of jobs here. 
Also happening: adorable Halloween Parade on 10/31 - what a way to kick off a Monday!  If you can make it, you really should.  It is really something to see! 
And the first wave of field trip permission slips came across my dining room table this week.  Did you know that the PTA will spend nearly $9000 on fieldtrips and another $4000 on in-school assemblies this year?  These exciting and enriching activities give students a depth of experience they can't get in the classroom ... but they only happen because of YOUR support!  Thank you for your contributions to the PTA - your support makes this a wonderful school.