Tuesday, May 31, 2016

School store in final days!

This is the final week of the school store and prices have been SLASHED to move the old inventory out!  It could be your child's last chance to grab that adorable, banana-scented kawaii eraser he/she's been eyeing all year...
If you have a soon-to-be-fourth-grader and you and your child might be interested in running the school store next year, please contact the PTA at rfesptapresident@gmail.com to inquire about what is involved.  The current volunteers would love to pass on their accumulated knowledge and experience - the sooner the better!  BIG THANKS to Debi, Cassie and Haley for their time and effort this year!  It was a great success! 
Looking forward to sports days this week?  Us too!!  With the busy ramp-up to the end of the year, save yourself some time and order next year's school supplies now at 1stdayschoolsupplies.com . And while you are online, please take a few minutes to complete the PTA's communication survey HERE.  Many thanks to those who have done so already - we really appreciate your input! :)