Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fiesta with the PTA auction item highlights!!

First, an apology: my computer was hijacked by hackers and the system locked me out unless I paid a bitcoin ransom! So while a neighbor is attempting to fix it, I am posting from my phone, so it may be a bit off for a few days. :)

The PTA volunteers organizing the fundraiser at CVP (get you tickets NOW because sales end 2/26) have collected a huge number of awesome donations for the silent auction! Here are a few general ones and I will post others with more details once my tech issues are resolved! ;)

Jewelry from Smyth Jewelers
Restaurant Gift Cards
Interior Decorating Services
Dog Training Services
Wegman's Gift Basket
Photography sessions

WOW! Thank you to the people spending their time calling and visiting businesses to solicit these awesome donations! Get your tickets and go check out Fiesta Fun Night !! Stay tuned for more awesome previews, too! :)