Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Quick updates for this week and a look ahead!

Quick updates for this week and a look ahead:

The SPIRIT WEAR sale is over, but you still have a day or two to get me your orders before they process it and close the account, so don't delay!  Leave them in the PTA box in the office and they will get to me. :)

While spirit days are every Friday, our next big pep rally will be for GENERATIONS DAY in mid-October!  Don't forget to send in those forms - it's such a cute event.

Also in early October the CLUBS are starting!  My kids are very excited about karate, and I am really excited that it's at 8am so they have to leave extra early!  Bye-bye kids!  Have a super day! I will just be here drinking my coffee while it's warm, for once. ;) Kidding aside, Towson Rec is doing registrations, so don't miss the deadlines to join.

And mid-October the SCHOOL STORE begins!  From the awesome volunteer coordinators for that activity I hear that Kindergarten, 2nd & 4th grades will be shopping on Tuesdays and 1st, 3rd & 5th grades will be shopping on Thursdays.  So tuck a few quarters in with the milk money on those days.  More details as the dates get closer.

Finally, the BUZZ BOOK is in the data-entry stage, so it's not too late to be included.  This massive volunteer effort is going to wrap up soon, so if you wish to be included (and really, everyone should be or risk missing out on party invites and other fun opportunities) make sure to get your info to me ASAP.  Those that have, no worries - we got it.

I don't know about you, but in our house things reach a frantic pace around mid-October and don't relent until January both at school AND at home.  If you need more reminders from us or have suggestions about how the PTA can better serve you during the hectic Fall, please drop us a line at rfesptapresident@gmail.com.
Have a great week! :)