Monday, April 13, 2015

Back from Break and into the Home Stretch!

Welcome Back!!  There is a ton of stuff happening this Spring! 

1 - There is still a need for volunteers to help with the gym equipment and the Patriots and Defenders program.  These are great opportunities to make your children glow with happiness!

2 - There is a new spirit wear shop going live for us this week.  You will be able to apply the RFES logo and custom text to whatever clothing items you wish!  Stay tuned for coupons and discounts as we roll that out.

3 - Our Stepping Ahead camp previews are at an end with today's generous donation from Chorus of Maryland "Music in the Meadow" Summer Day Camp!

Children entering grades K-2 are invited to join us for singing, crafts and outdoor scavenger hunts. It's a week of fun in the great outdoors!  Explore the wonders of nature through music, story, craft and fun. CCM's Summer Day Camp invites your child to experience the joys of singing and storytelling under a tent, engage in guided walks on the woodland trails, participate in nature-themed scavenger hunts, and create wind chimes and bird seed ornaments. The camp concludes with a sing-along, complete with s’mores.

Thank you to our sponsors!  What an amazing opportunity!  #rfessteppingahead2015

4 - The PTA has renewed their contract with 1st Day School Supplies.  If you think waaaaaay back to Sneak a Peek in August, you will remember kids with handy suitcases of supplies all set up for them on the first day of school.  Those kits came from 1st Day School Supplies, and the time for ordering your kits for next year is approaching.  This is SO MUCH BETTER than having to go into Target, Walmart and Office Depot with crazy lists and even crazier mobs of miserable parents...from other schools, of course! ;)  Pricing on the 1st Day kits is equivalent to what we paid in the store those years we purchased our own supplies, and the time saved is worth more than $$!  The catch?  Ordering for next year has to happen fairly early in Spring/Summer, well before most of us are thinking about school supplies for next year.  But in exchange for thinking about this issue for two minutes in May, you get to cross it off your list in August when you know you'd rather be at the beach than looking at composition books. :)  Stay tuned for details!