Monday, March 30, 2015

Stepping Ahead Silent Auction Pre-view and Notes

First, we have a super-fun volunteer opportunity!  Really, the kids get SO excited about this equipment! :
Ms. Celenza is in search of a few good volunteers! In Physical Education class, the students are exploring movement through the use of the Movement Education Equipment (formally known as Whittle). While exploring the equipment by traveling over, under and through it at high, low and medium levels some students feel anxious. In order to assist students in overcoming this fear, Ms. Celenza is looking for parent volunteers to help spot the students as they travel the equipment. VOLUNTEERS MUST HAVE HAD THE VOLUNTEERING TRAINING.
These are the dates that MEE will be up and running….
Our monthly meeting is this Tuesday, 3/31  at 6:30.  Come on out to RFES and participate!

And today's camp preview is :

The Painting Workshop

The Painting Workshop offers a summer camp for kids age 5-10.  In the morning, painting and drawing projects include e-tempura paint on paper and painting on canvas.  In the afternoon, children create clay and paper mache crafts, and go outside for activities and games.

 I need this for ME - I have all the supplies at home but no idea what to do with them. :)  These camps are a huge prize to win, as anyone knows who has begun looking for summer activities, so tell your friends about Stepping Ahead and mark the date on your calendar - 5/31!