Thursday, May 3, 2012

Important note to all parents attending Tech Trek

Important note for parents. Please read this when your child is not looking over your shoulder.

As you probably know, there will be a flash mob at Tech Trek where a bunch of parents will come out of nowhere to do a choreographed dance. (DON'T TELL YOUR KIDS; IT'S A SURPRISE.)

If you did not make it to the rehearsals, you can still join in! Watch and learn from the youtube video and you should be able to pick it up by doing what we do during the mob. Here's the video:

Here are the details for Sunday at Tech Trek:

*  We will do the flash mob at 2:30. Please start to gather at the DJ booth around 2:15.

*  The intro to the mob has 3 times you can enter. I (and anyone that wants to join me) will go out the first time. Then a bunch of you will come out the 2nd time, and any stragglers can come out the 3rd.

*  When you take your places, you should form lines all the way across the track - so the kids can't get by.

*  I will stand at the lead so you can follow me. Someone in the middle of the mob will be calling out cues (after the 3 time intro). The cues are:

Grove back/forward
grapevine head
grove back/forward
step out
step touch
heel touch
march with arms
big hip

*  After you finish shuffling, you should strike a pose, then just walk completely away as if nothing happened. Funny!

The moves don't have to be perfect, it's the "mob" part that is important. Please encourage your friends to join in. The more people the better!

See ya Sunday!

--Susan Millard