Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Register for school clubs

Is your child interested in joining a before or after-school club? If so, please complete the form and return in your child’s red folder by Wednesday, 10/26/11. Or you may drop it in the box labeled "Before/After School Programs" in the main office. Students are permitted to participate in one club, more only if there is space. There will be a lottery for slots in clubs that receive more interest than have slots.

There is a $5.00 fee to participate in the clubs. Students and their families will be notified by the end of October if they have been selected to participate. If selected, you’ll be asked to complete a registration form, sign the Towson Recreation Council waiver, if applicable, and pay the registration fee. No money now, please.

All of this year’s clubs are sponsored by the RFES PTA. Some will be run through the Towson Recreation Council and the rest will be with RFES teachers. The TRC clubs, which are coordinated and facilitated by parent volunteers, will meet in the TRC Room from 3:35–4:45 and the teachers’ clubs will meet in their respective classrooms.  Please click here to download the sheet for details of all clubs.