Thursday, September 15, 2011

Towson area could get new 700-seat elementary school

BCPS will recommend a new school at the Board of Education meeting on September 20. Here is an excerpt from the report that will be presented:

"The 2010 system wide student enrollment (as of September 30, 2010) was 104,331. Student enrollment is projected to gradually increase over the next five years to 107,309 and then in ten years to 109,316. Within five years system wide available capacity as calculated by the Maryland State Department of Education State Rated Capacity (SRC) formula will be insufficient to meet projected enrollment needs at the elementary school level. There are currently 39 elementary schools that exceed 100% capacity. At the middle school level, total projected enrollment is expected to be within 80% of capacity and high schools within 92% of capacity. SRC does not include relocatable classroom units, which are utilized as part of the school system’s overall capacity relief program.

... Balancing enrollment among the elementary schools in this region is clearly not feasible because there is no sufficient capacity in any of the schools in the region to satisfy the need.

Therefore, as recommended in the FY13 Capital Improvement Plan, a 700 seat new elementary schools is proposed to meet the clear need for capacity among these schools. The Board of Education owns two school sites in the region that will be examined for suitability: Mays Chapel and Dulaney Springs."

Read the full report by clicking here.