Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Parents, immediate action is needed on the rising enrollment at Rodgers Forge

Rodgers Forge families: 

Action is needed immediately!

As you know, Principal Deise sent out a letter recently saying that Baltimore County Public Schools might put an enrollment cap on West Towson Elementary and send many of its overflow students to Rodgers Forge Elementary. 

Rodgers Forge suffered through years of severe overcrowding, with more than 700 students in a school built for 396. And while we certainly want to support our friends at West Towson, we don’t want to see our enrollment soar again. We’ve asked Mrs. Deise for details about this plan, but she doesn’t have enough information to provide us with answers. 

Parents, you need to immediately let Baltimore County Public Schools officials know that we are not going back to the days of overcrowding! What did that mean for us? It meant dividers to turn one classroom into two; nine portable classrooms on the playground; “art on a cart” instead of an art room; no computer lab; music class held on the auditorium stage; a portion of the library being turned into a classroom; after-school clubs virtually disappearing; fourth graders being annexed to Dumbarton Middle School – the list goes on.

Please contact BCPS officials TODAY and let them know that Rodgers Forge is not going to sit by quietly while history repeats itself. Some questions you might want to ask include: 

- What steps were taken to accommodate the extra WTES students before enacting a cap?
- How will BCPS decide which students will attend Rodgers Forge Elementary?
- Are they going to cap enrollment for RFES, too? At what level? 
- How many students attend West Towson via “special permission,” meaning their parents work at BCPS headquarters on Charles Street or at WTES, but don’t live in that school zone? 
- Is BCPS going to increase our budget for supplies and books? 
- Why would we be asked to make these sacrifices while another school gets a cap?
- Will there be redistricting? 
- What is BCPS’ long-term plan? 

Please call or write to Verletta White, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Zone 3, at or call her at 410-887-4316. BCPS is making its final decision soon, so we urge you to contact Ms. White by September 12 to voice your concerns. If you send email, please don't copy and paste this message; emails that look like form letters have less impact. 

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Thank you for your efforts to keep Rodgers Forge Elementary a great school! 
-- The Rodgers Forge PTA