Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tips for Parents


Most of the time when you ask your child, “What did you do today?” the answer is, “Nothing.” Try playing this game to open communication and to find out what is happening during your child’s day.

Find a pebble or another small object and, while the family is sitting together at the table, explain that it is a “talking stone.” Whoever is holding the pebble gets to share something interesting that happened during the day. Having a “talking stone” will help you to stay involved in your child’s life, and your child will like hearing about your day, too.

Courtesy: Baltimore County Public Schools

Games to Build Vocabulary


- Crossword puzzles

- Word puzzles/jumbles in the comics section

Home Games

- Hangman

- Word puzzle books

Board Games

- Scrabble® or Scrabble Jr.®

- Scattergories®

- Boggle® or Boggle Jr.®

- Lexogon®

- Cranium® or Cranium Jr.®

- Cadoo®

- Trivial Pursuit®

- Scene-It®

- Outburst® or Outburst Jr.®

- Oxford Dilemma Trivia Game®

- Balderdash™

- Brain Quest®

- Word Sense®

- Taboo®

- Wheel of Fortune®

- Triwords®

- Scrabble® Upwards®

- Word Scramble™

Online Games

- Wheel of Fortune®

- What Word®

- Wordworm®

- Jeopardy®

Courtesy: Baltimore County Public Schools