Sunday, August 21, 2011

Health and Safety

Marathon Kids

The PTA Health and Safety committee was excited to help our PE teachers promote the Marathon Kids program this year. It is an innovative, incremental running/walking and nutrition program provided at no charge to students, families, teachers, or schools. Children run 26.2 miles (a full marathon distance) over the course of the school year, in increments of ¼ or ½ mile at a time. Students run in P.E. classes or with their parents. Marathon Kids keep a 1 page mileage chart and a 5 a day fruit and vegetable fuel log, coordinated by the PE teacher to track their progress. Mileage recording is based on teacher or parent supervision.

Safety Message

From time to time, people who could pose a threat to our children may move into our community. Mrs. Diese keeps a file of potentially threating individuals in our area in her office, which is available for viewing. Please take the time to visit Mrs. Diese's office to view the file or visit and click on Sexual Offender Registry to review the most current listing of offenders online. The PTA will continue to monitor the situation and will offer information as it becomes available. Please speak with your children AGAIN about strangers and keep a watchful eye for your neighbors kids as well. Together we can keep our community safe!